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Have You Been to Infinity?

Posted in Local Attractions @ Nov 25th 2015 9:15am - By Administrator

Infinity is an unreachable destination. It may even be simply a figment of our imagination. But as you head on to the Gold Coast, Infinity turns into something you can actually experience and enjoy.

Once you get to the Coast with the Most, head on to Chevron Renaissance Centre off Surfers Paradise so you can get a first hand experience of a one of a kind funhouse called as Infinity. Buy your ticket to this amazing tourist attraction and get to travel to the future that involves futuristic entertainment, thrill, and fun interaction. With Infinity, you’re sure to get one of the most memorable and unique experiences of your life.

Enter Infinity attraction and you’ll instantly be transported to another universe where everywhere there are special effects, extremely emotive sound effects, numerous addictive music, and hypnotizing visual and spatial illusions. If you think you’re the type who doesn’t get emotionally evoked so easily, this attraction will change that. With Infinity you’ll find yourself laughing, getting ecstatic, and screaming uncontrollably.

And if you think you’re not into dancing, this amazing destination will make you do it while loving it, as you go through its special effects. With Infinity attraction, you’ll be entering a single place, but you’ll be experiencing everything from bravery and excitement, to curiosity and elation. Just like its name, experience what you think is impossible.   

There are two stages in this wonderful attraction. First is the Infinity attraction which will journey you through a futuristic maze like world at your own pace. With the 20 multi sensory atmospheres you’ll go through, you can expect remarkable special effects, emotive sounds, infectious music, mesmerising aromas, and notable illusions.

The second is the Infinity Time Tunnel where you’ll be in a unique mind boggling world. Experience being taken to diverse dimensions of your imagination as your senses get wild with what you’re feeling.

All of those who have tried this tourist destination all said that words are not enough to explain the experience they got from Infinity. Be part of the crowd who has already journeyed through this and see for yourself.

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