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A Little Haven for Kids

Breakfree Savannah Swimming Pool
Posted in Accommodation at 28 October, 2015

Kids are every adult's bundle of joy. So no matter how whimsical and moody they get, who would be able to resist a kid's every smile, giggle, and cute request? Kids are truly little stress relievers. It doesn't matter how exhausted we are from a whole day...

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An Exclusive Spa Indulgence

Breakfree Savannah Day Spa
Posted in Accommodation at 06 October, 2015

Get yourself soaked up in the spa and you'll feel how relaxing it is to your whole body. Do you ever wonder why it has this soothing effect every time you get in one? If no, then it's time for you to know why. The term Spa came from the Latin phrase "salu...

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