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An Exclusive Spa Indulgence

Posted in Accommodation @ Oct 6th 2015 7:55am - By Administrator
Breakfree Savannah Day Spa

Get yourself soaked up in the spa and you’ll feel how relaxing it is to your whole body. Do you ever wonder why it has this soothing effect every time you get in one? If no, then it’s time for you to know why.

The term Spa came from the Latin phrase “salus per aquam” which means “health from water”. This magnificent water treatment was first used by the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans as a form of therapy and relaxation. And even in those days, the effect was so marvelous that it made its way to this day and people still take refuge in this tub for the same thing—invigoration and relaxation.  

Ever wonder what happens once your body touches the hot water from the tub? As your body gets warm, your blood circulation improves. Then after about 20 minutes in it, your blood vessels widen which allows your blood pressure to go down. For your muscles, the heat of the water gets inside them to help you relax. Pretty destressing, huh?  Maybe it’s now time for you to search for a spa nearest you.

If you’re going to the Gold Coast soon, you’re lucky because almost all the resorts in the region have spa as part of its guest facilities. But if you want a spa all to yourself and your companions, Broadbeach Savannah can give you just that.  

Situated in the suburb of Broadbeach, our Gold Coast family apartments has the unit option called Two Bedroom Sub Penthouse Apartment where you can indulge and take delight in an exclusive spa bath. Soak all you want and feel more comfortable because there’s no one else who will join you in the bath. There’s no worry of getting it crowded and feeling unease as you talk to your buddies in fear that you’ll get other people annoyed.

Aside from the exciting exclusive spa bath, the unit option also boasts of being spacious with air conditioner, cable TV, kitchen and laundry area with all the necessary equipment, two king beds in each bedroom, and a private balcony.  

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